First Post

I have been thinking for a while what I should write for my first post in my blog. Should it be “Hello World! I am Emily!”? Should I be writing the first recipe? What about writing how I feel about blogging? Maybe write on the restaurant that I like the most? Oh gosh, I am so fickle minded. Maybe I should write about what I like to eat and what I have been eating in the first post. Maybe not, maybe yes…

Something struck me and I have decided to write about something that I always and will always remember. This first post jot down the most important food memory in my life.

My grandfather is the one that fixed me up with Indian food since I was 4 or 5 years old. He used to take me or rather I am the one clinging on him whenever he took his bicycle out. I knew that I will get to eat when I go out with him. Foodie in the house! He loved Indian food. The indian food in Malaysia is mostly South Indian and I got to know what tosai, idli, roti canai, teh tarik very early on.

He used to take me to this nearby Indian shop for breakfast. Our standard breakfast were roti canai (crispy layered bread) and teh tarik (pulled tea with milk). The roti was served with curry and dal. Simple and comforting to start our day. There were times that we ordered tosai (dosa, crispy rice crepe) and idly (steamed rice cake) served with coconut chutney and dal. I was slightly taken back by the sour taste in tosai and idli but that’s just because the batter is fermented before it is being cooked. I didn’t know at that time. But I grew and started to love and enjoy these. Now that my grandfather is gone but these memories have definitely stayed with me.


Thanks to my grandfather, some of my Indian friends are quite amazed with me knowing these indian breakfast and food which some of their Chinese friends don’t. Now that I am in Sydney, whenever I go to the Indian store, the lovely indian folks surprisingly find me in there with them. They must be thinking what is this Chinese woman doing in an Indian grocery store, she don’t seem to be lost and she is going around shopping like us! There was once, an Indian lady actually asked if I am from Malaysia and I said yes. Her face showed sign of “question answered & mystery solved – No wonder she is so familiar with the food and spices in the store”.

Yes, I am a Malaysian Chinese who grew up in Malaysia and now residing in Sydney. I love all kinds of food. I will be writing about all kinds of food and I will be cooking all kinds of food. And this is my first post.

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