Torn Noodle?

The title is weird. I know. This is a style of noodle that I eat since I was a kid. It’s my comfort food. I know… I have a lot of comfort food. But this one, it’s number 1. In Malaysia, we call it “Pan Mee” which translates to “wooden noodle”. Sorry, I don’t know why it’s called like that. Maybe the form of the noodle is similar to wooden planks. This kind of noodle has three forms – the “fettuccine”, the “spaghetti” and the “torn” ones.

This type of noodle uses fresh dough. You simply just mix flour, egg, salt, oil and water and form the dough. Something like pasta but softer. After you rest the dough and when it’s ready, you just roll a flat sheet out of it. Then you hold on to it, tear it into pieces and throw them into the boiling soup. That’s why I call it torn noodle. You can also roll the dough with a pasta machine and you get long & thin noodle. But I like the torn ones because you get to chew the different thickness of the dough. It’s not uniform and it’s fun.

The next thing you need is the soup base. I love any soupy stuff. It’s just something that warm your heart and some said your soul. Haha, actually it does. The soup base is pretty simple. A chicken carcass and a small handful of dried anchovies with necessary seasoning such as salt, ground white pepper and sugar. You will be able to enhance the taste of the soup from the other ingredients & toppings you put into the soup.

Oh, by the way, there’s still a long way to go. There are a lot of stuff to do just to get this bowl of noodle up but I have no regret doing it. It’s my sweetheart. Now let’s continue. The toppings. A few must have toppings are mushroom, minced meat and fried anchovies. This bowl of noodle today has no mushroom because I don’t have mushroom at home. I replaced with chinese black fungus. I also added some green vegetables.

I like my minced meat fried with soften shallots, season with oyster sauce, sugar, ground white pepper and a dash of rice wine. I do like a bit of colour in my meat which I add a little dark soy sauce to it. As for the chinese black fungus, I just stir fry with chopped garlic and season with the same thing I used for the minced meat. Oh, exclude the dark soy sauce because the fungus is black colour. Fried anchovies are my darling. I love crunchy bits in the noodle soup. So I just get some dried anchovies (season with a bit of salt) and fry till golden brown.

Last but not least, a good sambal sauce. Yes, we Malaysian love sambal. There are many, I mean many types of sambal. We have different types of sambal to go with different food. If I were to write it here, you might need a couple of hours to read. Today, my sambal to go with is spicy and sour. The combination is green chilli, bird eye chilli, lime, belacan (dried shrimp paste), sugar and salt.

There you go. A bowl of hot soup noodle with sambal. Quick fix to your heart and soul.


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