Staring at the Sky

Sometimes I am sitting at home and when I look outside of my apartment, the sky is just so beautiful. I have captured many photos of the sky that I can see from my apartment.

Sometimes the sunset is so breathtakingly beautiful that it just keeps me standing at the balcony staring at the sky until the sun goes down. I am wondering how mighty is God to create something so beautiful like this.

Sunset with Beautiful Clouds

Sometimes I can see that there are ray of lights stream through gaps of the clouds creating a fun torchlight party in the sky for the earth.

Ray of Sun Light Cut Through the Clouds

Sometimes it is gloomy but I get to see rainbow. Well, yeah, rainbow!

Rainbow during Gloomy Day

Sometimes I thought the painter just painted the sky.


I saw Dory once. Wonder where Dory is going.

Dory Looking Cloud

I saw quills. The sky is writing a poet, right?

Quill Looking Cloud

I got to stop staring at the sky already. Back to kitchen to prepare dinner. See you folks.

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