About Emily


Hello World!

I’ve been told by my grandmother that I drooled looking at food when I was 1 month old. I am not sure how true is that but what’s true is I am a foodie and I drool.

I am currently residing in Sydney with my other half “Mister Paya” and we share the same interest – we love to eat. Mister Paya has two special spots in his stomach for Iranian cuisine and Indian cuisine. I only have one very very special spot which is for noodles. But we are adventurous. We love trying all kinds of food and we’d totally travel extra miles just for food.

I grew up in Malaysia. Being a Malaysian Chinese, I don’t only eat Chinese food. I am spoiled with choices of food growing up. I can have Malay food as breakfast and Indian food for dinner. Moving to Sydney has made me miss my home and food very much. But I am delighted because Australia is also a big melting pot of different ethnicities. Me and Mister Paya are spoiled with types of cuisine that Australia is offering.

Aside from being a foodie, I love to cook, I love to make something in the kitchen. My list of what I cook is wide and so is my stomach. Being influenced by all types of cuisine, I love to eat all and make all if possible. It’s fun roasting Indian spices, tying knots with pandan leaves to make coconut milk rice or stir frying noodles in the kitchen.

I love knowing all types of cuisines. I love watching how others cook. My attention span will prolong especially when I see how grannies and grandpas crafting their food. And I love getting all these valuable knowledge and traditions of food from the older generation.

This blog that I started is to share my thoughts, my memories, and everything about food. Welcome to my blog and I hope you have a good day!